She had been knitting crochet masterpieces for her family all her life – and at 73, she realised they were good enough to sell to the world. With Amma ki Almaari, she is now helping other ‘ammas’ realise their dreams, too! The vintage Rosemary cupboard stands as tall and resilient as its owner; and both these entities house within them, rather beautiful ways to travel time. Amma has painstakingly deposited in it labours of love day after day for more than fifty years. The almaari has weathered her love for crochet and knitting right from when she was a six-year-old looking starry-eyed at the colourful spools and yarn. As for amma herself, who took the plunge at 73, her spunk and ambition turn the very concept of age and time as we know it, on its head. Meet the oldest e-commerce founder, who started up at a whopping 73: The amma from Amma ki Almaari

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