Users of Turkey’s equivalent to Reddit received an unsettling message late last night. Across the site, users began complaining that they’d received a mysterious DM from an account named “iamwaldo” that left many people feeling paranoid and anxious. It appears that was the intention of the message, which is actually a viral marketing ploy to promote the new season of Black Mirror. As English-language Turkish outlet The Daily Sabah reported, the message read, “We know what you’re up to. Watch and see what we will do.” The “iamwaldo” username, the publication notes, appears to be a reference to “The Waldo Moment,” an episode from Black Mirror’s second season. When we reached out to Netflix, a spokesperson declined the opportunity comment, but a source familiar with the matter confirmed to Gizmodo that the streaming service was behind the messages. Netflix Freaks Out Users with Creepy Black Mirror Marketing Stunt

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