We notice you’re visiting us from a region where we have a local version of Inc.com. Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.  Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to change. Should you have been ensconced in your panic room for the last week with only burgers, the collected works of Perry Como and Dramamine for company, you may not have heard that Facebook is going to radically alter its news feed. It’ll now become more focused on friends and family and less on stuffing its gout-endangered gills with money from media companies. Yes, you’ll see less news about the political disaster of the day and more news about the disastrous relationship of your brother and sister-in-law.  You might think this merely means Facebook is returning to being Facebook.  But here, though, is how bad things truly became when Facebook was the repository of news. Or, as some might refer to elements of it, fake news. Research Just Revealed the Real Problem With Facebook’s News Feed (and It’s Ugly)

thumbnail courtesy of inc.com

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