Microsoft president Brad Smith and EVP of AI and research Harry Shum have a new book about artificial intelligence called “The Future Computed.” In it, they outline Microsoft’s predictions and policy proposals around AI development. Shum told Business Insider that in 20 years, AI-operated personal digital assistants will be so integrated into our lives that they will be like “alter egos.” They proposed a typical day in 2038 with one of these assistants. The digital assistant you got for Christmas may endlessly entertain you with its ability to read you a recipe as you cook in the kitchen, but ultimately it feels like a novelty. This form of artificial intelligence is simply in its infancy, however, and if Microsoft’s leadership team is correct, in 20 years it will be an inextricable part of your life. A day in the life of the average person in 2038, when artificial intelligence will grant everyone services currently reserved for the rich

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