SINGAPORE: Thousands of jobs for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMET) are being created in the professional services sector, in new roles such as cybersecurity consultants, data engineers and legal tech experts.  The sector – which includes architecture and engineering services, accounting and advertising – unveiled its industry transformation map (ITM) on Wednesday (Jan 24), which charts its vision to become a “global market leader in high-value and specialist services”.  At the heart of the roadmap are initiatives to drive innovation and equip the workforce with skill sets in areas such as data science and artificial intelligence over the next five to 10 years, the Economic Development Board (EDB) said.  With the roadmap, the professional services sector is projected to grow at an average rate of 4.6 per cent from 2015 to reach a value-add of S$31 billion by 2020. The aim is also to generate 5,500 jobs every year till 2020. Roadmap launched with jobs in cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence in the works

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