The world we live in continues to accelerate its frantic pace. We are inundated with emails, chats, texts, ads, videos and calls, all clamoring for our attention, often across multiple channels at the same time. In fact, a recent study from Hootsuite shows that the average consumer spends around two hours per day on their mobile device across these channels—from apps to web browsers—and the expectation is for everything to work seamlessly and immediately, around the clock. Keeping up with consumers who live in “digital time” is no easy feat for any industry, but for telco operators, it’s doubly difficult. Being the bridge between the consumer and all they want to consume, while delivering their own services in tandem, requires today’s operators to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate for speed with connected intelligence that delivers insight and recommendations from their vast pools of data. With the customization of views and ads that come from social media, online stores and even search engines, the personalization factor is also an expectation from today’s consumer. Monetizing Services in Digital Time with AI and Machine Learning

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