Elon Musk, the billionaire boss of Tesla and SpaceX, has deleted his company’s Facebook pages in protest at the data leak scandal engulfing the world’s largest social network. It looked like just another offhand tweet on Friday when Mr Musk, who enjoys skirmishing with his 20.5m Twitter followers, took a jab at Facebook, which is reeling from revelations that contentious political consultant Cambridge Analytica had accessed data from 50m Facebook profiles without the users’ consent. But after being goaded by other Twitter users, Mr Musk agreed to scrap his company’s official Facebook marketing pages. Responding to a suggestion that he delete the Tesla page, he said: “Definitely. Looks lame anyway.” Within minutes, both the Tesla and SpaceX pages — with more than 5m followers and “likes” between them — had vanished. It was a characteristic piece of personal grandstanding to end a week when many in the corporate world have wrestled with how to respond to the Cambridge Analytica scandal — and done nothing. Facebook loses Tesla and SpaceX over data furore

thumbnail courtesy of ft.com

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