Experienced, informed and passionate marketer with over 20 years of experience at top NYC advertising agencies and client-side B2B marketing Artificial intelligence’s role in marketing has grown immensely over the past year– and we have only started to scratch the surface of its mammoth impact. AI is quickly (and permanently) changing marketing as we know it, and creative marketers must adapt to deal with the ultimate consumer bodyguard.


As virtual assistants get to know their owners better than they know themselves, they will be able to not only make product recommendations but carry them out without asking their owners. For example, within the next few years, a virtual assistant will know its owner’s lifestyle, preferences, financial position, risk appetite, personality makeup and schedule so well that it will do the grocery shopping, trade stocks, purchase new products, buy books and schedule appointments — without ever asking for permission. While it may be scary to think about, this new reality is just around the corner. Marketers need to start acting today for this mega-disruption because marketers will soon have to market more to virtual assistants and less directly to customers. Artificial Intelligence: The Gatekeeper Between Brands And Consumers

courtesy of forbes.com

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