About The DMC

The Digital Marketing Collaboration is a 5 year old Digital Marketing agency that has had the pleasure of working with over 24 brands with multiple becoming competitive names in the marketplace. We work with brands because we enjoy communication through the marriage of technology and human collaboration. We want our clients to benefit from our streamlined processes while immersing them in a digitized world that is organised, useful and impactful. The DMC is comprised of 2 main categories:

Digital Identities

Our suite of services include Responsive Web Development, App Design, Email Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing, Adwords Advertising, Listening Tools and more.

Content Creation

Our “hands-on” collaborative approach enables us to generate unique content frequently in order to populate the client’s digital identity and maintain its relevancy.

Both categories work for each other; one as the overall real estate that comprises the client’s digital identity (websites, email clients, apps), the other an audio visual experience that enhances the customer user experience ( image, video and music).

How we work


Contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting to learn about your business requirements.


Based on your criteria, we’ll develop a 3 month marketing and content generation strategy for you to review.


Upon confirmation, we’ll get to work executing your strategy as well as track its performance.


The performance of the executed strategy is assessed and revised for the next 3 month cycle.

While the digital world is a technical place, our tailored services allow our clients to greatly extend their reach as active entrepreneurs in the modern workplace.

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