Digital Advertising

Grow your brand’s audience significantly in a short span of time by incorporating Paid Advertising. In today’s market place, more and more vendors are realising the importance of applying these tools. Don’t be left behind!

What is Online Advertising?

Paid Advertising exposes your digital properties to users based on selected keywords as well as demographic & geographic criteria. Advertising budgets determine how many users will be exposed to the delivered content. Most large web applications, networks and search engines provide a facility for business owners to prioritise their own listing by paying for it on a cost per click (CPC) basis. 

Advertising Platorms

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram all offer some sort of facility whereby content is prioritised through paid advertising on a CPC basis. Utilising all platforms homogeneously is a favourable strategy.



Adwords is the advertising tool provided by Google for business owners to prioritise their business listing when a specific search term is entered into Higher yields of traffic are greatly experienced when a campaign is started.


Another tool provided by Google, Adsense promotes content by tracking a users online interests and propelling visual adverts into third party websites that the same user is viewing.

3rd Party Websites

The most traditional form of online advertising, digital identities often advertise their services by listing their website in a directory or through links held in a rotating banner. This practice is ideal for back-links and still widely used today.

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