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A word from our Director

Ilia Zolas

The Collab. Program Explained

The Collab. Program allows you as the service provider a way of complementing your offer with additional services geared towards the creation and management of digital identities over a variety of specialities.


We’ll build beautiful WordPress Websites for your clients and utilise all the current best practices related to website security, user experience and SEO. We’ll also manage your client’s website with monthly maintenance periods.

Email Marketing

We use email facilities like Mailchimp to create attractive html emails and manage lists that those emails are sent to. Features include Automation, Split A/B testing, sign-up forms and reporting.

Social Media

We’re accredited by Hootsuite and use their platform to organise, compile, schedule and publish content to a variety of social media as well as provide insight into decision making via the use of real-time analytics.


Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Facebook Paid Advertising and others are essential to advertising online. The DMC manages your client’s advertising portals to drive traffic to their online media and ultimately increase their sales.

Content Creation

Streamline your client’s content by establishing a continuous content generation strategy with The DMC to arrive on location and generate photos, videos and more. This content is used over your client’s various online media.

Search Engine Optimisation

Through various SEO techniques, The DMC enhances your client’s existing websites which may be under-performing due to a neglection of best practices used to make a website discoverable and easily shareable.

Apply for The Collab. Program

We’d like to meet you and talk face to face about how the Collab. Program can help add value to your brand’s service offering. Leave us a message and your details and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours to get started with the application process.

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