Email Marketing

We create beautiful html based emails and send them out to your subscribers while elegantly inserting trackable links, gain useful statistics and ultimately generate quality leads.

What is Email Marketing all about?

Email Marketing is all about giving interested users a more in-depth experience of your brand and it’s activities while simultaneously educating them on your offerings, services and/or products. By setting up newsletter subscription forms and sending out engaging newsletters to the people who sign up to those lists, deeper relationships can be fostered and converted into quality leads.

3 Golden Rules to Email Marketing

The goal is to encourage users to willingly subscribe to a newsletter through valuable incentives offered exclusively to the Newsletter Audience. Determining these incentives and communicating them correctly can be a tricky task, but the benefits of an engaged and interested email list means more ready customers.

Reliable Email Client

Email boxes contain spam filters that separates spam mail from regular mail. These filters can affect emails coming in from an unfavourable email client. Using a quality provider is highly important.

Avoid Spam Behaviour

Certain other behaviours are regarded as spam such as an email with a picture but no text or an email with dashes in the subject line. Avoiding these mistakes will uphold emailing integrity with spam filters.

Deliver Meaningful Content

A consistent Emailing Strategy is important but if the contents of the strategy are mundane, users will be reluctant to interact. Ensuring that the delivered content is worth consuming is a critical step towards successful marketing.

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