Facebook suspends another data analytics firm after CNBC discovers it was using tactics like Cambridge Analytica

Facebook is suspending a data analytics firm called CubeYou from the platform after CNBC notified the company that CubeYou was collecting information about users through quizzes.

Mega-Influencers May Be Waning in Value

But a recent study from Launchmetrics suggests that follower count is actually one of the least significant factors for brands deciding which influencers to work with.

The Future of Customer Experience Is AI: Are You Ready?

“Man and machine always get a better answer than man alone or machine alone.” ― Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM

The Marketing Magic of Social Media Polls

Thanks to social media polls, getting feedback from your audience on questions like these is easier than ever.

The shady data-gathering tactics used by Cambridge Analytica were an open secret to online marketers.

The recently revealed Facebook data “breach” that allowed Cambridge Analytica to get access to millions of users’ worth of Facebook data has been greeted as a shocking scandal.

Facebook loses Tesla and SpaceX over data furore

Elon Musk, the billionaire boss of Tesla and SpaceX, has deleted his company’s Facebook pages in protest at the data leak scandal engulfing the world’s largest social network.

Exclusive: Facebook will no longer show audience reach estimates for Custom Audiences after vulnerability detected

The move comes after a research team from Northeastern University notified the company through Facebook’s Bug Bounty program about a potential privacy vulnerability it identified with Custom Audiences.

Why you should start using email marketing and SEO in 2018

SEO and business are like two different things with the same goal: success. You can never separate SEO from business in order to succeed.

Four Audience Development Strategies To Survive Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Make sure your Facebook strategy is genuinely engaging. Produce content that offers innate value (without the click), starts a conversation and facilitates community.

Monetizing Services in Digital Time with AI and Machine Learning

The world we live in continues to accelerate its frantic pace. We are inundated with emails, chats, texts, ads, videos and calls, all clamoring for our attention, often across multiple channels at the same time.


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