What will happen to influencer marketing if Instagram ‘Likes’ go away?

In April, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered Instagram was testing removing “Like” counts on posts.

Huawei has reportedly stopped its smartphone production after US blacklist amid trade war

Huawei has stopped smartphone production after previously announcing its target to become the world’s top smartphone vendor by next year.

David Cameron takes job with US artificial intelligence firm

David Cameron has taken a job as chair of a US artificial intelligence firm’s advisory board

TikTok’s creator is reportedly making a smartphone

Financial Times tipsters have claimed that the company is working on its own smartphone.

Company Denies “Unethical” Collection Of IG Influencer Data Following Online Exposure

Chtrbox denied the allegations that they unethically sourced the data in the discovered leaked data pool.

Week-in-Review: Apple has a Supreme headache and Bitcoin bites back

A Supreme Court ruling this week cleared the way for an anti-trust reckoning for Apple.

LinkedIn’s New Reactions Will Help Your Social Strategy

While 80 percent of brands think they understand their customers’ emotional needs, just 15 percent of consumers agree.

This AI That Sounds Just Like Joe Rogan Should Terrify Us All

Sound-Alike On Wednesday, Canada-based startup Dessa unveiled a new AI that replicates the voice of Joe Rogan.

7 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Every Startup

No matter how lean your startup, you can at least afford do-it-yourself SEO.

Three Tips For Better Communicating With An Audience, Learned From A Decade Of Digital Marketing

Confusion because, often, the thing someone is asking for is not what they actually want.


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