One of the most popular food suppliers in Johannesburg, 180 Degrees promises its client’s quality food prepared consistently as well as holistically,

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The DMC in collaboration with 180 Degrees Catering & Confectionery

180 had already established itself as a small sized but active company in the Food Industry while running their operations from a small warehouse. At the time, the only digital presence 180 had was a single Facebook Page and standard emails to market itself on the world wide web. Most of 180’s content had been photographed with staff cellphones and edited with programs like Powerpoint or Word.

The DMC came on board in 2013 and created 180’s first website using Xara Web Designer. Content was generated with DSLR camera’s to achieve high resolution as well as artistic images. These images comprised the websites general design and served as visuals to social posts. The new frequency and consistency of 180’s social activity paired with Targeted Advertising and a comprehensive website played a significant role in boosting 180 into the market place. Currently, 180 has undergone multiple website updates with much more development coming to completion soon.

Digital Identity

Present over a variety of major digital platforms for their industry.

Email Marketing

We build email lists and send beautiful html emails to 180’s customers.


We look after all of 180’s webfiles on our private servers.

Content Creation

Weekly content development through photography and graphic design.


From logos to catalogues and more!

Social & Analytics

We work closely with the 180 team in implementing social media strategies and related activities.


We use tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing to expand 180’s reach.

180 Degrees Catering & Confectionery

We believe that the intelligent combination of both taste and design are part of a recipe for a successful service. It’s not enough that we strive to entertain your palette with our unique flavours and presentation, but that we bring your gastronomical fantasies to your doorstep.