Magma Wallcovering stock one of the widest selections of premium wallpapers in South Africa while maintaining fashionable catalogues of designs and updating them to bring you the latest trends.

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The DMC in collaboration with Magma Wallcovering

Prior to 2015, Magma Wallcovering (MW) was operating as a well known player in the interior design, home decor and architecture Industry. In 2014, MW’s online presence was interrupted which brought their participation to a standstill. The DMC was then recruited to repair the damage and implement new techniques to boost the company’s online performance and get back into the lime-light.

Currently, Magma Wallcovering has a redesigned website built with WordPress which is being extensively utilised due to its sheer size of over 5000 catalogue items. Advertising is exercised over multiple Social Pages and Search Engines with a healthy Email Marketing activity being performed monthly. In 2017, Magma Wallcovering are back on their feet and busy as ever!

Digital Identity

Present over a variety of major digital platforms for their industry.

Email Marketing

We build up email lists and send out beautiful newsletters to Magma’s customers.


From logos to catalogues and more!


We use tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing to expand Magma’s reach.

Social & Analytics

We work closely with the Magma team in implementing social media strategies and related activities.

Magma Wallcovering

Based in Boksburg South Africa, Magma Wallcovering have been offering wallcovering and decor solutions for years to some of the most prominent brands, architects and interior designers around. Our collections also include paintable paper, door coverings, textured finishes as well as other wall decor variants that can be applied to achieve an outstanding effect while customising your own look.