AUT’s Artificial Intelligence knows your choices before you do Picture standing in your local dairy, indecisively scanning the drinks fridge to choose which can you’re going to buy. If you were hooked up to NeuCube, it would be able to predict which one you’d reach for – before you’d opened the fridge, and even before the thought was fully formed. Using artificial intelligence to predict a person’s choices before they have even made up their mind is a world first – and it was developed at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Professor Nikola Kasabov, who worked on the project, said they wanted to find out if there was brain activity before the conscious perception of an object. Artificial intelligence presents us with an opportunity, and a challenge
Don’t fear the new AI revolution
How computers ‘see’ faces and other objects
How science may just end up killing crime There is, it turns out. Conscious perception happens 300 milliseconds after stimuli are presented, but peri-perception or preconscious perception occurs after 100 to 200 milliseconds. Artificial intelligence knows what you’ll choose before you’ve made up your mind

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