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Develop a soundscape for your brand or use our own generated tracks in your projects.

The Uses of Sound in Marketing

Sound is regularly used as a complementary medium that enhances video and sometimes images. Various individuals and brands have also implemented Podcasts into their marketing strategies while companies like BMW and Apple use sonic logos for greater brand differentiation & customer memory retention (example).


Life keeps on getting faster and faster. Today, a large portion of people prefer to consume Podcasts while they work or commute as it does not require them to commit their full attention while doing other tasks. Podcasts have been growing rapidly in popularity and it is becoming a viable route to capturing users attention online.

The Benefits of Using Sound

Sound and music is receiving growing attention as a marketing tool that can be used to enhance user perceptions, expectations and behaviour. 

Influences Consumer Expectations

Sound allows users to build a comprehensive understanding of an event, service or experience through certain musical queues, genres and technicality.

Induces Nostalgic Effect

A sense of nostalgia can be induced when exposing listeners to a progression of musical queues associated with a specific time period or environmental similarity.

Affects Consumer Behaviour

By manipulating various musical elements such as tempo or mode, music can be used to affect consumer’s in-store behaviour to favour company objectives.

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