One of the primary forms of content sought by online audiences, video is a great way to attract new customers and show them what you have to offer.

The Rise of Video

Video is the most sought for medium of content but is also the most expensive. However, the advent of platforms like Youtube and other media has greatly decreased the cost of publishing and exposing video content to large audiences. Users have also been changing their viewing habits from Television to online platforms like Youtube and Netflix. This shift has created a demand for brands to also participate on these platforms and adapt their traditional filming standards to adopt digital publishing practices. Many brands, individuals and large organisations experienced significant benefits from applying a strategy that incorporated video into their online presence (Logan Paul, Johnnie Walker) .


Benefits of Video

Highly Engaging

Video offers the user an opportunity to become fully immersed right from the comfort of their home or personal devices.


Evolving technology is making it easier to produce video and display it across multiple devices.

Brand Awareness

Using video greatly differentiates brands from their competitors and is an opportunity to create highly relatable media.

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